August 2020

Jeffrey A. Tandul

FOBH Board Member Jeffrey A. Tandul, LLA, ASLA, M.Arch is a licensed landscape architect, Past President NJASLA and current Chairman ASLA National Professional Practice Committee.… Read More »Jeffrey A. Tandul

Jenny Swadosh

FOBH Board Member Jenny Swadosh is a former Staten Islander, beginning her library career at the Staten Island Museum. An alumna of Queens College’s Graduate School… Read More »Jenny Swadosh

Sean Ryan

FOBH Board Member Sean Ryan is a licensed Landscape Architect and a graduate of Rutgers University Landscape Architecture program and has a Certificate in Historic… Read More »Sean Ryan

Carol Obler

FOBH Board Member Carol Obler is a native Staten Islander and founding member of the Friends of Olmsted-House. She received her master’s degree in Education… Read More »Carol Obler

Eileen Monreale

FOBH Board Member Eileen Monreale is a fourth-generation Staten Islander with a strong interest in stories and local history. While raising her children, Eileen worked… Read More »Eileen Monreale

Terry Demonbrun

FOBH Board Member Terry DeMonbrun a NYC native, is a retired financial professional with an interest in local history and preservation. Back to FOBH Board