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Ownership History

The house has changed ownership, structure, and purpose often since its construction in 1685. After the Olmsteds sold the property in 1866, the house served as a home to many families, as a boarding house, and as a resort. The last private owners of the house were naturalist and educator Carlton Beil and his wife, Louise, who purchased the house in 1955.

  • Dominie Petrus Tesschenmaker (1685–1696)
  • Jacques Poillon (1696–1720)
  • John Poillon (1720–1733)
  • John Poillon, Jr. (1733–1802)
  • John and Patience Journeay (c. 1802–1812)
  • John and Martha Garretson (1812–1839)
  • Samuel Akerly (1839–1848)
  • Frederick Law Olmsted (1848–1855)
  • John H. Olmsted (1855–1866)
  • William Anderson (1866–1883)–property divided
  • Erastus and Eleanor Anne Wiman (1883– c. 1903)–property divided
  • Seaside Estates Co, John Hale(1903–1946)
  • John E. and Margaret B. Cullen (1946–1955)
  • Louis C. Sirkus (1955–1961)–property divided
  • Carlton and Louise Beil (1961–2006)
  • NYC Department of Parks & Recreation (2006-present)
Frederick Law Olmsted c. 1850
Frederick Law Olmsted, c. 1850.
Photo: Yosemite Research Library
Carlton Beil, 1994. Staten Island Advance Photo: Steve Zaffarano
Carlton Beil, 1994. Staten Island Advance/Steve Zaffarano