Olmsted-Beil House Listed on National
Register of Historic Places​

Photo: Patricia Salmon, 2020


Olmsted: The Scientific Farmer on Staten Island
(January 15, 2021) National Association for Olmsted Parks–Olmsted 200


Trees The Friends of Olmsted-Beil House is the nonprofit organization protecting, preserving, and presenting the Olmsted-Beil House historic site.

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About the Historic Site

The Olmsted-Beil House historic site is where landscaping genius Frederick Law Olmsted pioneered many of the techniques he later incorporated in Central Park and other acclaimed, transformational projects. The site is located in Eltingville on the south shore of Staten Island. The 1.7-acre site and two-story farmhouse are all that remain intact of the 130-acre farm dating back to the 17th century. Frederick Law Olmsted and naturalist and educator Carlton Beil and their families are among the many owners who made their homes and located their businesses there.

In 1967, the house was designated a New York City Landmark, and in 2006, the site became part of the NYC Parks system. For safety considerations, the house is closed to the public while it undergoes restoration.