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Please consider joining the Friends of the Olmsted-Beil House (FOBH). Taking out a membership is the best way to show your support for preserving, protecting and presenting this historic site and structure that dates to the 1600’s. You will also be ensuring the legacy of Frederick Law Olmsted, the leading landscape architect in American history. It was in this house that Olmsted developed his abilities and talents by trial and error, with the result that treasures such as Central Park and Prospect Park are now world-renowned sites. Membership also preserves the legacy of naturalist Carlton Beil, who lived in this farmhouse, and prevented it from being demolished. Once restored, this house and property will be used to tell the story of Frederick Law Olmsted, Carlton Beil and the other early individuals who owned or lived in the house.

Benefits of Membership

All donors will will receive emails advising of upcoming events and activities as well as a biannual e-newsletter.